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Donald Trump Island For Sale

Donald Trump Island For Sale

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Donald Trump Island

Posted on March 2016 by Donald Trump Island For Sale - 3 comments

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own island – a place where you could enjoy complete independence, privacy, peace and tranquillity?

Have you ever wanted to make the ultimate sea change and leave the stress of the world behind? Or do your wish to combine that tranquility with a lifestyle income? The Island now has approval to build 8 cabin- style dwellings on 55ha under Low Key Tourism. Now you can have it both ways.

Private Islands For Sale

Posted on March 2016 by Donald Trump Island - 3 comments

The island’s spectacular natural beauty and marine wildlife makes it perfect for the ever increasing ecotourism industry.

The tropical climate will attract visitors year round and the natural sheltered anchorage, calm coves and protected beaches make the island easily accessible to boats. The channel bisecting the island, its tributaries and the beaches provide abundant fishing. Or Long Island could be used as a base for reef fishing.

Property Potential Uses:

2 Bungalow’s
1 existing 4bd home upgraded to 2 story, 5+ bedroom home and office
Jacuzzi for each Bungalow, Community Pool
Yacht & Catamarans

Things to do:

Boating Swimming Snorkeling Fishing Helicopter ride Coral Diving Hunting/Archery Horse Back Riding Indigenous Petting Zoo Message, Therapy Island Hopping Vacation Business Kids Swimming & Lagoon Animal Petting Area Playground Island Games Tractor Trucks Electric ATV's & Boats Yacht & Catamaran 100% Renewable Energy Carbon Positive Indigenous seafood Greenhouse for Organic Foods Private Security


5 bedroom house 2 bores and 5 dams provide water 6 paddocks 2 sets of yards Substantial work sheds 1 kilometre Air strip Tractor Land Rover

Check back soon for exclusive information on this private island vacation, medical tourism, and investment opportunity!
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